Labrador Clubs in Germany – don’t get fooled!


There are many dog clubs and Labrador clubs in Germany, which is rather confusing to foreign Labrador breeders and stud dog owners. However, only two of these Labrador clubs are FCI and VDH recognized, and only their pedigrees are accepted by the FCI (and, therefore, by the British Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club (AKC).


These are the two recognized clubs:
1. Deutsche Retriever Club e.V. (DRC)
2. Labrador Club Deutschland (LCD).

Both of the clubs are members of the Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen e.V. (VDH), the only German Kennel Club recognized by the FCI.
The VDH is the leading representative of the interests of all dog owners in Germany – the number one address for people living with dogs, dog sports and dog breeding.

The roots of the VDH go back to 1906: today the VDH represents more than 650.000 members. The VDH is the umbrella organisation for more than 168 membership organisations in the whole of Germany. Over 250 different dog breeds are cared for in VDH breeding clubs, and they are bred under strict controls.

VDH membership clubs

The 176 clubs in the VDH are made up as follows:

  • 16 VDH Federal State associations
  • 156 pedigree breeding clubs, which care for one or more breeds
  • The German Sports Dog Association (dhv), which is solely concerned with training and sporting activities with dogs.

The following are represented as extraordinary members of the VDH:

  • The Gun Dog Association (JGHV),responsible for examining gun dogs.
  • 2 greyhound racing clubs, exclusively concerned with staging greyhound races.


Labradors are big business to some people, and if you’re living in Germany and stick to the rules, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t become a member of the DRC or the LCD and register your puppies with them. But if the pedigrees of your dogs are shady, and/or you’re breeding so called “designer Labs”, like “silver”, “charcoal”, and “champagne”, you might find that sticking to the rules doesn’t bring in the big bucks you hoped for, and then there are “breed clubs” or “Labrador clubs” that will even promote your “silver” mutts.


Puppy buyers are becoming more critical all the time, so these non-FCI recognized clubs need to find new ways to impress the public. This is the website of the “Deutscher Rassehunde Verband e.V.”, an organization which presents itself as some sort of National German Kennel Club. On first sight it looks like they are a member of the FCI (Federación Canina Internacional), but this is definitely not the case.


This “FCI” seems to be part of another organization, called the Federación Canina Mondial (FCM). The “organization” has nothing to do with the real FCI.

Note: the website of this FCM is, not Obviously they do everything to pretend they are the FCI, not the FCM.


Another scam: many dodgy German breeders say that they are members of the “DRC”. They want to make you believe that they are members of the recognized and respected Deutscher Retriever Club (DRC), but in reality they are members of the “Deutscher Rassehunde Club”, which is a lie in itself, because it means “German Pedigree Dogs Club”, and the pedigrees of this club are not recognized by the FCI. With such a “pedigree” you will have a mutt in your house. Maybe a very nice mutt, a perfect lookalike, if you’re lucky, but still… a mutt, in FCI circles.

The “Deutscher Rassehunde Club”, DRC for short, promotes the breeding and selling of so called “silver” Labradors. Some breeders of these (and other) mutts are continuously trying to get fresh Labrador blood into their dodgy lines. They try to get their mutts mated by respectable (FCI registered) stud dogs, and try to fool them with “DRC” pedigrees, which are nothing but worthless pieces of paper, if your interest is to be part of the FCI world. Also, they try to buy puppies as pets, without mentioning they’re breeders. Beware!

In Germany and Austria these dodgy clubs with worthless pedigree certificates are called “dissident clubs”. There are many of them. Here’s a short list of the most active ones:

ACR:             Allgemeiner Club der Rassehunde e. V.
ADRV e.V.: Allgemeiner Deutscher Rassehundeverband e. V.
DHSU e.V.:   Deutsche Hundesport- Union
DHZ:              See DHZSV e.V.
DHZSV e.V.:  Deutscher Hundezucht-Sportverein (Ingolstadt)
DRC:              Deutscher Rassehunde Club (not to be mixed up with Deutscher Retriever Club, which is legitimate)
IRJGV:          Internationaler Rasse- Jagd- und Gebrauchshundeverband
UCI:               United Cynelogique International e. V.
UCI:               Union Canine International in Brüssel

AVDH           Allgemeiner Verband der Hundefreunde
UCI e.V.:       Union Canine International
ÖHU               Österreichische Hundesport Union
EHU:              Europäische Hundesport Union (Based in Austria)
EKU:              Europäische Kinologische Union (Based in Germany)

To help you finding these breeders, I’ve added a function to the LabradorNet database: In “Field to search” select “RegNo”. In “Search string” enter “Pedigree”. Click “Search” and you will see a list of Labradors with a doubtful pedigree. Doubtful in the sense that such a pedigree will ever be recognized by any FCI-associated organization.

Jack Vanderwyk,
November 2013

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