‘Silver’ Labrador Secrets Revealed

Breeders of ‘silver’ Labradors, dilutes which carry the dd-gene, alien to the Labrador but common in the Weimaraner, consider Dean Crist, of Crist Culo Kennels, “indisputably the Father of the magnificent Silver Labrador Retriever; his foresight and absolute devotion has brought the Silver Lab out from obscurity and into the spotlight.”

Most of these ‘silver’ breeders keep denying that Crist Culo Kennels acquired their founding ‘silvers’ from Kellogg’s kennels. Dean Crist himself never mentioned the Kellogg’s link: “My first 3 dogs were Black Lab females, and in 1981, my Black Lab bitch (Topo Culo) presented me with my first Chocolate Lab, a bitch named Queja Culo. Although Chocolate Labs were both controversial and rare in the U.S. in the early ‘80s, after considerable searching, I managed to find a chocolate male in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (Toma’s Beaver Creek Herschel) about 100 miles from me in Minocqua, WI. It was the mating of these two Chocolate Labs (Queja/Hershel) which produced the first Crist Culo Kennels Silver Lab pup, and every subsequent breeding of Queja/Hershel produced litters with a color ratio of ¼ silver pups, ½ chocolate pups, and ¼ yellow pups. Although these were CCK’s first Silver Labs, I learned they were not the first Silver Labs whelped in the US. After I began advertising the Silver Labs nationally, I subsequently heard from Lab owners who had produced silver pups in their litters.”

Interesting, but not true.


As we can see in this pedigree, Queja Culo, Dean Crist’s first ‘silver’ producing bitch, descended from Kellogg’s Kernel x Kellogg’s Stomper.
While it’s true that Kellogg’s Puppy Mills produced all kinds of Labradors, not just ‘silvers’, and all kinds of breeds, also Weimaraners, it’s very unlikely that Kellogg’s Kernel and/or Kellogg’s Stomper didn’t carry the dd-gene.


Hugh Edward Kellogg: “I’m the fourth generation and owner of Kellogg’s Kennels. (…) We were the largest producer of Labs in the North American continent, we don’t do any crazy breeding like some might think or heard.”
So why would such a “large producer of Labs” want to acquire a ‘silver’ dog (Minocqua Pound Silver, COI 37,6%) from Crist Culo Kennels? A direct descendant of his own Kellogg’s Kernel and Kellogg’s Stomper? Any experienced breeder would know that there’s only answer to this question: Hugh Kellogg was going to linebreed back to his original ‘silver’ mutts.

Hugh Kellogg denies the connection with Dean Crist, and Dean Crist denies the connection with Kellogg’s. These pedigrees tell us otherwise.

The same applies to Beavercreek, the other ‘founders’ of ‘silver’ Labradors. They, also, acquired dogs who descended from Kellogg’s stock, like Kellogg’s Dakota Big Joe and Kellogg’s Taco of Dakota.

Jack Vanderwyk,
September 2012

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