Letter to Veterinary Genetic Laboratories

This is the letter I sent to VetGen, Laboklin and Van Haeringen today, January 2, 2013:

Dear Sir/Madam,

You are probably aware of the fact that so-called “silver”, “champagne” and “charcoal” Labrador Retrievers are increasingly registered as “chocolate”, “yellow” and “black” Labradors. Also, I assume that you know that these “silver”, “champagne” and “charcoal” “Labradors” carry the dilute (dd) allele.

The Labrador Retriever only comes in the colors black, yellow and chocolate (liver). Although you might think that registering these dilutes as such is only a matter of different shades, I wish to inform you that the dilute (dd) allele is alien to the Labrador Retriever breed, and that breed clubs and breeders of the Labrador Retriever are strongly opposed to the pollution of the Labrador bloodlines and gene pool by the dilute (dd) allele.

These are the coat colors of purebred Labrador Retrievers:

– EEBB (pure black) (CC EE BB DD)|
– EEBb (black carrying chocolate) (CC EE KK DD)
– EeBB (black carrying yellow) (CC KK DD)
– EeBb (black carrying chocolate and yellow) (CC KK DD)
– EEbb (pure chocolate) (CC EE KK DD)
– Eebb (chocolate carrying yellow) (CC KK DD)
– eeBB (pure yellow) (CC KK BB DD)
– eeBb (yellow carrying black and chocolate) (CC KK DD)
– eebb (yellow carrying chocolate, no black pigment) (CC KK DD)

As you can see, the dilute (dd) allele is not present in these coat colors. 

My question to you, as one of the leading veterinary genetic laboratories, is:

1. Is it technically possible to detect the dd allele in Labrador Retrievers?

2. If so, could such a test become a standard procedure when it comes to Labrador Retrievers?

I hope you will be able and willing to answer these two questions. Of course I’m curious to know what your professional views in this matter are.

Kind regards,

Jack Vanderwyk

E-mail: jackvanderwyk@yahoo.co.uk

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