“Labradors” registered as “silver” or “charcoal” by OFA/AKC

Below you will find a list of “Labradors” which originally were registered as “silver” or “charcoal” by OFA/AKC.

Aldine Gundogs Silver Ruger (Silver)
Baba Yaga Americani (Silver)
Baby’s Chelsea Lynn’s Diamond (Silver gray)
Belle’s Remington Steel (Silver)
Bristol II (Silver)
Culo Toot (Silver)
Eldridge Silver Libby (Silver)
Landis Sadie My Lady (Silver)
Lily Grace Huggins (Silver)
Madam Wigeon of Dry Creek (Silver)
Nowicki’s Silver Lily (Silver)
Pintailpeaks Silver Belle (Silver)
PR Molly Sapphire (Silver)
Princess Silver Lily (Silver)
Rain of Silverpawz (Silver)
Silver Star Adara (Silver)
Silver Star Bella Blue (Silver)
Silver Star Sheza Darlin (Silver)
Silver Sugar Cara (Silver)
Silver Thao (Silver)
Silverback Grizzly Pope (Silver)
Silverlands Sly Sylvester (Silver)
Sir Silver Drake of Just Labs (Silver)
Spook Culo (Silver)
Tara’s Chloe of Just Labs (Silver)
Thunder of Silver Pawz (Silver)
Klumpp’s Khrome Ruger (Charcoal black)
Mika Bou (Charcoal)
Smoke n Chevy (Charcoal)

In 1987 the Labrador Retriever Club of America (LRC) objected against the registration of other colors than black, yellow and chocolate, after which dilute Labrador lookalikes carrying the dilute (dd) gene were registered as black, yellow or chocolate. Today there are more than 35,000 of these mutts registered as Labradors with AKC.

Jack Vanderwyk,
January 2014

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