Council for Purebred Labrador Retrievers — A Shady Bunch


The so-called ‘Council for Purebred Labrador Retrievers’ is misleading the public, because they advocate and promote the breeding of dilutes, carrying the dd-gene, which is alien to purebred Labradors. Since dogs carrying the dd-gene can’t be purebred Labradors, this is a contradiction in terms. Read my Analysis of the ‘silver’ Labrador population for the details.

Who are they?

Like their breed, the board of the Council for Purebred Labrador Retrievers (CPLR) is a mixed company, consisting of a shady bunch of humans and dogs. Chairman is Carleton Pope of Starstruck Labradors; Vice Chairman is George W Thesing IV of Silver Hillside Labradors; Secretary is Cheryl Flynn of Silver Rain Labradors; Treasurer is Sarah Buckler of Buckler Valley Labradors; Parliamentarian is Steven Millen of Millen Labradors; Director of Membership is Valina Pope of Starstruck Labradors; Membership Committee is Pidge Daniel of Sterling Creek Labs; Director of Member Communications is Penny Gray of Silver Cave; Director of Public Communications are Double Banded Labradors; Director of Fundraising are Silver Bear Labs; Fundrasing Committee are Gina Wages of Wages Labs & Rebecca Medeiros of R&R Labradors; Director of Genetics & Research are Phantom Labradors; Directors at Large are Horizon Labradors and Victory Lap Labs.

This is truly amazing. Never before were dogs elected in the boards of clubs. I suspect that there are people hiding behind these dogs, not willing to reveal their identities, but I could be wrong, of course.

CPLR objectives

In spite of the fact that it’s very unlikely that this will ever happen, the main objective of the Council for Purebred Labrador Retrievers is to “Advocate for American Kennel Club (AKC) and parent club recognition of Labrador Retrievers that possess the MLPH gene (aka “dilution”)”. Yet another contradiction in terms: Labrador Retrievers don’t possess the MLPH gene, and if they do, they’re called mutts. The CPLR wants the AKC to add “Silver” “Charcoal” and “Champagne” as accepted coat colour registration options for Labrador Retrievers without limitations (e.g., registration number modifications or breeding restrictions).

And yet another contradiction in terms: “The Council does not condone breeding with the “primary” intention to produce any one particular Labrador Retriever color, commonly called color breeding.”

However, in their newsletter “d” Labrador News, issue 4, November/December 2009, you can find the following statement in the article Bottlenecks and Founder Effects:

(…) As you see, there are reasons to have concern for the future of the Silver Labrador. The saving grace, however, is that none of this needs to happen.
To perpetuate the Silver gene “d,” we do not need to inbreed our dogs. Sure, inbreeding is the easiest way to produce more Silvers, but breeding out to other non-silver Lab lines can be an invaluable tool for you to use to produce better Silvers and ensuring that the Silver Lab is indeed every bit a Labrador as any other Labrador, not a new breed. By using genetic understanding of the recessive nature of the dilution gene, and DNA tests for the dilution gene if needed, breeding to non-silver lines poses no risk of losing the dilution gene. Yet, the benefit for not only your own breeding program, but the population of Silvers as a whole is immense. It behooves us all to consider the non-silver lines more heavily in our individual breeding objectives this coming year!

This is exactly what worries serious and responsible Labrador breeders, or should worry them. Knowing that they’re not accepted within the Labrador world as a whole, these people will try to deceive respectable Labrador breeders, by being secretive about their individual breeding objectives and identities, as some of their board members, and taking advantage of the good name of these respectable Labrador breeders.
Conclusion: the Council for Purebred Labrador Retrievers don’t do what they say they do, are not who they say they are, and constitute a hazard to the general Labrador population, which is – and should remain – free from the dd-gene.

Source:, the official website of the CPLR, as it was published on the internet on September 9, 2012.

Jack Vanderwyk,
September 2012

UPDATE January 22, 2014

In his lengthy rant the anonymous owner of Phantom Labradors, board member and Director of Genetics and Research of the Council for Purebred Labrador Retrievers, compares the people who are against the acceptance of dilutes in the Labrador Retriever breed, the “Haters”, as he calls them, to Nazis, and the dilutes to Jews.
Many of my family were killed by the Nazis in Auschwitz and Birkenau, so this hurts. I would cuddle a dilute if it came up to me. I would welcome any “new” breed and breed clubs of Weimardors, Labraraners, whatever. With this rant the dilute breeders, or rather this particular one, show that they don’t respect the concept of closed stud books. This concept is the basic principle of breeding purebred animals. By disrespecting this concept, these breeders have disqualified themselves. By comparing this concept to Nazi racism and genocide they have lost the respect and understanding of every breeder of dogs, cats, horses, cattle, etc. of the world.

UPDATE MAY 9, 2014. The former Vice-Chairman of the CPLR offers some insight info regarding this shady bunch. 

Odin Harvell

May 7 at 11:52pm.

To those considering becoming a member of the CPLR, with the current lack of leadership and unethical breeding practices that some of the so called leaders of the CPLR have shown. I have been passionate about improving our dilutes from the time I started on this journey and still am. I had really hoped the CPLR was an organization of like minded ethical breeders that also were passionate about improving. For the most part it is and there are some wonderful breeders there, that I have had the pleasure of getting to know. However, the ones that should be leading by example are poorly lacking and the membership have NO idea what some of their so called leaders and so called “Improvement Breeders” are really about. I have to say that I NEVER thought I would agree with some of the BYC haters that say dilute breeders do not care about the breed and breed for color only and it is all about the money. However, I do agree that a good majority of dilute breeders fall in this category including several board members, but I disagree that ALL dilute breeders fall in this category. There are some great dilute breeders that do the right thing and breed to improve on the dilutes and not for color, sometimes breeding more standard colors or SF then full dilutes. I have yet to make any money, because I put every dime and more into doing extensive health testing that includes OFA hips, elbows, Patella, Full Detention (teeth), Echo (heart), EIC, CNM, DM, PRA/prcd, Cysturnia, Narcolepsy, CERF, AKC DNA, K Gene, Long Coat Gene, Purebred Testing and a few more color traits. I actively compete with my dogs in multiple registries (22 tiles earned) and have added GCH and CH sired BYC and SF lines to continually improve my lines. When I do produce dilutes it is usually a couple of pups, because of breeding SF X SF. I was so disgusted with the things I saw go on when the new board took over in December that I resigned as the Vice Chairman and have struggled with leaving the CPLR only, because there are some really good people there. However, with my strong passion and desire to improve dilutes I can’t belong to an organization that is ran by breeders who think it is okay to breed their EIC carrier to untested outside females, to use outside 7 month old puppy as a stud (not even old enough for OFA prelims), to sell dog/pups with bad hips or carriers to breeders and then not stand behind their lines, stating they don’t guarantee a dog is breeding material, but have no problem accepting the full registration price. I can’t support a so-called leader who is trusted with a line based on their agreement that they will not sale any offspring on full registration and once they have the line they state since the breeder trusted them and did not get a contract on the 1st pup and did not receive the signed contract back on the 2nd pup, that they will no longer honor their agreement. Wow and this is the CPLR leader??? Some of the Board has also condoned the breeding of Labradoodles by members so long as they are supporting the CPLR, because once again it is only about the money. The bylaws at some point in time clearly stated that no mix breeding allowed, after all that is what we are accused of doing with dilutes. However that section and other sections regarding how board members will be replaced etc, has magically been changed, deleted or modified without a vote from the CPLR members. I have had board members make false statements regarding my dogs not actually being titled one in particular Zeus my silver factored who has 3 titles and was #7 in the 2013 UKC Top Ten Labradors and fellow dilute breeders have something negative to say about that and question the validity of a SF that has multiple champion titles??? REALLY?? That can be nothing other than jealousy and envy. I am proud of every titled dilute dog that I hear about. What is totally odd is not a single BYC hater questioned rather or not Zeus was really titled they only got pissed that a SF was in the Top Ten!! I have some making statements when I post a new title or accomplishment that I am tooting my own horn!! Really who would not be proud of their dog who earns a title and I am sure most here would be and would post and be proud. They pushed to get us to “get out” of dilutes, because we were continually improving (breeding sf pups) and all they wanted to do was breed our lines to full dilutes and turn a profit and have the best lines out there. Well I am not going anywhere I am staying in dilutes and BYC lines (that I keep separate) and will continue to improve my dilutes with my CH silver factored lines and continue to keep my BYC lines BYC. I have bit my tongue for so long I almost severed it , I figured I would no longer bite my tongue. I tried over the past several months to resolve several issues in private messages, so I didn’t have to air the CPLR’s Board’s dirty laundry, but it didn’t work!! When I messaged the chairman and told her that one member was publicly bashing and I wanted to resolve it privately her response was “Oh you are always so dramatic, I am so glad you left the board” that is how a leader resolves conflicts?? Myself and other “Improvement Breeder’s” and EX Board Members received PM’s encouraging us to leave the CPLR and dilutes and when we stayed and renewed, several board members including the Chairman blocked us. So now as dues paying members we are not able to see what certain board members post on the CPLR. Any member should be able to see any post that a boar member posts. When other board members tried to resolve this and disagreed with this childish behavior and asked that if they want to block members to create a second account just for the CPLR business and post, they refused!!! Then the CPLR wanted to send me a private message and instead of sending it directly to me she sent it to another CPLR member (uninvolved party) and asked her to forward to me. How immature and childish is that?? Tonight when I spoke out in the private member ONLY CPLR group my post was removed then I was removed from the group, without a vote from the board, by one sole board member with a power trip. I have requested a refund of my dues since I can’t access the group that I have paid to access. This is the leader the new face of the CPLR, I am afraid the CPLR is in trouble and will fail with out new leadership. If there is new leadership in the future I would consider coming back and supporting the movement, but not under the current regime. Good luck to those that are members or are planning on joining and that really care about the future of the dilutes and not about how fat your wallet is!!

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