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The “NO To “Silvers” Petition

The Director of Genetics & Research of the Council for Purebred Labrador Retrievers (CPLR), a shady bunch of people who breed dilute (dd) mutts and call them “purebred Labradors”, is also the owner of Phantom Silver Labradors in Utah. On June 26, 2012, more than 18 months ago, the CPLR launched a petition in favour of “silver Labradors”, and in that long period of time they found 381 people willing to sign their petition — far less than one per day.

We started our petition against “silvers” just a couple of days ago, and it’s only a matter of hours before we have double the amount of signers! So this very anonymous owner of Phantom Labradors and Director of Genetics & Research of the Council for Purebred Labrador Retrievers (CPLR) decided to stirr things up a bit. This is what he wrote on his Facebook:

“Once again those prejudice against Silver Labs are spewing their attacks. Join me in signing this petition to counter act theirs. Let’s show them we have a lot of supporters!! Let your voice be heard now!”

So far Facebook has been the main platform of our petition. But there is more than Facebook. Most likely we all have hundreds of email addresses of puppy buyers, and it’s easy to copy and paste the link of the petition (see below) in an email message. And don’t forget: you can sign the petition anonymously.

If only one person in every household we ever sold a puppy to would vote against “silver Labradors”…

The Breed Clubs’ and Kennel Clubs’ response to the Open Letters

Some representatives of Labrador clubs have responded to the Open Letters. It’s early days and these organizations need time to form a strategy. It may take months and more before board or committee meetings take place. Since the dog people’s world is organized in such a way that the majority of the members of the breed clubs need to pursuade their boards or committees in a General Assembly to take certain steps, we probably have to wait until this first step has taken place. The next logical step is that the representatives of the breed clubs present their case at a gathering of the breed council or the parent club. The third step would be that the breed council or parent club take the case to the kennel clubs. All these steps need to be taken if the kennel clubs keep schtum.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) has a special position in this matter. For several decades the AKC has registered diluted mutts as chocolate, yellow and black Labrador Retrievers. Due to the fact that the FCI recognized kennel clubs and the British Kennel Club have an agreement with the AKC to accept their pedigree certificates, these kennel clubs will register dilutes which are falsely and fraudulently registered as chocolate, yellow and black Labrador Retrievers. Instead of accepting all AKC pedigree certificates blindly, without exceptions, the kennel clubs of the world could (and should) create strict conditions. No purebred Labrador Retriever carries the dilution (dd) gene, so no dog carrying the dilution (dd) gene should be registered as a purebred Labrador.

One way to establish such conditions is the road via the members of the breed clubs and the representatives of the breed councils or parent clubs to the kennel clubs. Another path, which should be taken simultaneously, is through the courts. Consumer Protection and Consumer Rights are powerful tools to make sure that you get a purebred dog if the pedigree certificate states that you bought a purebred dog.
What we need in the courts is scientific proof that the dilution (dd) gene is alien to the Labrador Retriever breed. I am 100% sure that if we randomly take the DNA from a hundred, or a thousand purebred British born Labrador Retrievers from different old British bloodlines, that none of these DNA tests will show presence of the dilution (dd) locus.

Jack Vanderwyk,
January 2014

Please sign and share this petition on Facebook, Twitter and E-mail!

Click here to download the print version of the petition, to be used at shows, events, etc.


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