How To Find Dilutes In The Database

Many breeders of dilutes (“silver”, “charcoal” or “champagne” dogs) are trying to get purebred Labrador blood into their lines. They will try to buy a puppy from you, or have their dilute-factored (dilute carrying) bitches mated by your purebred stud dogs. Unless you know the owners of a bitch, always check the pedigree of a bitch before you send semen or have her mated by your dog.

If you want to check a Labrador’s pedigree, you can visit the LabradorNet Database, or the LRCN Database. There’s no difference between these databases.

You can also find dilutes in the database, Just follow these simple steps:


The default field to search is “Name”. Choose “Color”.


Enter “Beware!” in the search string. Click “Search Now”.


You have arrived at the first page of dilutes (or related to dilutes). Scroll down to click the next 100 results.
If you have found the dog you’re looking for, click “Pedigree”.


This is the Pedigree of the dog you were looking for. You can click the names of the individual dogs to go to their pedigrees. You can also click “Breeding” to go to their offspring.


This is the Offspring page.

If you type “UK” in the RegNo search string and click on the Search Now button. you will find the pedigrees of dilutes in the United Kingdom.

If you type “D/D” in the Color Search string and click the Search Now button, you will find the pedigrees of DNA tested dilute free Labradors.

Jack Vanderwyk,
January, 2014


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