Source: The Kennel Club, MyKC

Dreamcoat Silver Dexter, a “silver Labrador”, was born on 8 December 2011 in the United Kingdom, out of dilute parents, both imported from the United States. The sire, a “silver”, and the dam, a “charcoal”, were both registered by the Kennel Club; the sire as a chocolate Labrador, the dam as a black Labrador.

In the mean time Dreamcoat Silver Dexter, registered by The Kennel Club without a single restriction, a prcd-PRA carrier, has produced at least 26 puppies, out of at least five different dams, all registered by The Kennel Club, while at least two of them didn’t have their health checked. All these dilute, or dilute factored puppies were registered by The Kennel Club as black, yellow or chocolate Labrador Retrievers.

Since the dilute (d) locus is alien to the Labrador Retriever breed, this means that The Kennel Club has opened the closed studbooks. Not officially, and only at the back door, but it’s wide open if you import diluted “Labradors” from the United States, which are registered by the AKC as black, chocolate or yellow Labradors.

Have a look at Dreamcoat Silver Dexter’s pedigree and his breeding in the LabradorNet database, or check the MyKC website.


One would expect outrage from the U.K. Labrador Clubs and the Labrador Retriever Breeding Council, one would expect reputable Labrador breeders demonstrate at The Kennel Club head offices  in Clarges Street, Mayfair, London, but nothing is happening. Nobody is challenging the integrity of the AKC. The whole Labrador world, including the FCI, is bowing to an organization which says it will keep registering dilute dogs as black, yellow or chocolate Labradors if their parents were registered with AKC.

And while we’re all being so bloody civilized, the Labrador Retriever breed goes down the drain.

Jack Vanderwyk,
February 2014

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