Labrador Clubs & Kennel Clubs: Beware!

vardin silver lab

Although every 4-year old is able to tell you that this is not a purebred Labrador, but a Weimaraner mix, the American Kennel Club (AKC) begs to differ, and the Labrador Retriever Club Inc. (LRC) has definitely not done enough to stop this.

silver lab virdin family farm miley

This is the official AKC pedigree certificate of the mixed breed “chocolate” bitch above: Virdin Family Farm Miley. She is from a long line of well known “silvers”, all of them registered by the AKC as Labrador Retrievers.

Labrador Clubs and Kennel Clubs of the world: beware! If you come across the paperwork of an imported Labrador Retriever from the United States of America, with an AKC pedigree certificate which says that the dog is black, yellow, or chocolate, there’s a good chance that this dog is actually a “charcoal”, “champagne” or “silver” dog, which can’t be a purebred Labrador, because the dilution (Dd or dd) gene is alien to the Labrador Retriever breed. Also, it’s possible that the dog is a carrier of the dilution gene.

Whatever arrangements you have with the AKC, you shouldn’t register these dogs as if they were purebred Labradors. It’s very wrong, and you would actually be fouling the studbooks. Since the integrity of the AKC as a registry of purebred dogs can be doubted, you should demand a DNA test of every imported Labrador Retriever from the United States of America, and only those who are free from the dilution (Dd or dd) gene should be registered as purebred Labrador Retrievers.

Jack Vanderwyk,
February, 2014

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