The Kennel Club’s Approach Of The Dilute Problem


The American (AKC-registered) charcoal “Labrador” – or his semen – was imported to the United Kingdom. This dog, a notorious dilute, can produce offspring freely in the United Kingdom, without any restrictions.


Blakeswood Silver Starlett. This silver bitch appears to be born in the U.K., while the parents were imported to the United Kingdom. Her colour is “Not Recognised By Kc”.


One would suggest that any offspring from these two dilute dogs would be Not Recognised by the British Kennel Club, but they have been registered as “black Labradors”, without a single restriction. This means that these dogs are now officially part of the gene pool, free to spread their dilute genes throughout the Labrador population.

Still, the British Labrador Clubs keep silent. No one speaks up to Her Majesty The Kennel Club.

Jack Vanderwyk,
September 2014



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