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This is the October 2014 map of 403 dilute breeders in the United States of America. Most of them advertise their dilutes as “AKC registered purebred silver and charcoal Labradors”.

The most worrying part is that the American Kennel Club agrees with them. Yes, according to the AKC these dilutes are purebred Labrador Retrievers, and they expect foreign Kennel Clubs to accept them as such.

It’s very easy to check a dog’s DNA for the dilution gene (d). However, Kennel Clubs rather rely on the honesty of breeders. So, if they say it’s a “chocolate Labrador” it must be a chocolate Labrador. Case closed, time for a cup of tea.

In the mean time these “honest breeders” keep producing dilutes, with whom they keep fouling the Labrador population.

It looks like the list will grow and grow, but there are some facts contradicting this. During my search I found quite a few Facebook and web accounts that were cancelled. So there must be dilute breeders who found a new way to make a buck. Or even dilute breeders who bitterly regret the fact that they ever were so ignorant and gullible to get involved with dilutes.

But let’s not be too cheerful. There are still a lot of well organized dilute breeders out there, with good marketing skills and no conscience at all, who still find markets for their “products”. With the help of the American Kennel Club.

Jack Vanderwyk,
October 2014

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  1. susan anne booth says:

    The Labrador Retriever is an old breed, a pure breed, The breed produces three colours, Black, Chocolate (liver) it can be a light rich chocolate colour very close to the colour of milk chocolate, or a dark chocolate, sometimes so dark as to be almost black in a poor light. Yellow, this can be any shade from a very pale cream, almost ivory to a deep fox red, or chestnut colour. Never has the breed in its pure form bred silver charcoal or champagne colour. The breed has been carefully bred and improved over many years. Its temperament and intelligence combined make it one of the foremost breeds in the use of helping us in so many ways far too many to mention here. The introduction of a dilute gene not only alters the colours but everything else the Labrador is famed for.
    Its is true that there are breeds that were either developed improved or helped from extinction, or to much dangerous inbreeding after and in between the wars. The Labrador is in need of none of the above. So why would anyone wish to alter the colour of the breed by introducing a detrimental dilute gene? the answer is simple, money and greed, The public have always been attracted to something different, there have always been breeds in fashion, until they find the problems that come with that fashion. We do have the Labradoodles along with all the doodles it is a mutt created for fashion, to make money, the difference is these are truthfully called Labradoodles as such they are no threat to the pure Labrador. The dilute mutt is a threat it is being bred and hidden in the breeding of Labradors, they are being registered as Labradors. We all know that we can not rely on the judges (as suggested by the kennel club) for one thing the judge is not aware of the pedigree of the dog in front of him/her at the time of judging also we all know there are judges of questionable integrity and knowledge judging the breed.
    In my opinion there is only on way we will solve this problem that is for dilutes to be recognised as a breed on its own, totally separate from the pure Labrador, this way will make everyone happy including most importantly those making money out of this, also the registrations will continue to make revenue for the KC’s. What they call their new breed will be up to them but I don’t think the Labrador should be part of it, maybe ” the American Retriever,” would be a good name for the Mutt, (sorry breed) .

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