NuVet kickback scheme – see code bottom left

You might be wondering why so many breeders of dilute “Labradors” – “silver”, “charcoal”, “champagne” – advertise NuVet Plus food supplements. The answer is: it’s a clever kickback scheme. A money-making scheme. And very, very unethical, if the use of NuVet is mandatory, instead of a recommendation.
Note: Although it’s a controversial food supplement, I’m not against the use of NuVet as a food supplement. However, I dislike NuVet as a company. I find their contract and terms disagreeable. Also, I find it unethical when the “breeder” requires the NuVet products to be given to the puppy (usually for life) as a condition of any guarantee. Such practices are illegal in many countries, including mine.

If you visit the website of the dilute puppy mill, where I took this screen shot from, and you move your cursor to the NuVet Plus advertisement, you will see the advertiser’s order code appear in the bottom left. In this case it’s a hidden code; the owner of the dilute puppy mill doesn’t want the scheme to be too obvious. NuVet doesn’t want that either; the page with the order code is immediately replaced with a general order page.

Other breeders of dilute “Labradors” will mention their order codes. These order codes may also be mentioned in a clause in their buyer contracts. Many breeders of dilute “Labradors” require puppy buyers in the buyer contract to use NuVet. Such a clause could look like this:

NuVet Plus tablets: This is a mandatory wafer that you will need to give your dog. It’s very important that you keep your dog healthy, so you have to give your dog NuVet Plus on a daily basis.

NuVet is probably the designer of these contracts, or these clauses in the contract. The order code is to identify the referrers, to give them their commissions, without the purchaser’s knowledge. If you cancel your order, the breeder will be notified within 48 hours. The breeders of dilute “Labradors” will notice if you are ordering your mandatory amount of NuVet Plus, or not, via their “NuVet Commision Check Detail”.

Why would a healthy dog need NuVet Plus?

A little research teaches us that NuVet Plus is just another scam. “All quack remedies share a lot of characteristics. (…) Many of these characteristics are classic warning signs of snake oil, and in the case of NuVet, these include:

“A “kitchen-sink” mixture of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other ingredients, some of which are essential nutrients or have individually shown some interesting properties in test tubes and mice, but none of which shown to be safe and effective in treating or preventing any disease in dogs or cats.”

“This hodgepodge is advertised as treating many unrelated diseases (cataracts, Cushing’s diseases, diabetes, allergies, etc) with good results and no risks. These include:

  •          Addison’s Disease
  •          Allergies
  •          Arthritis
  •          Cataracts
  •          Colitis
  •          Cushing’s Disease
  •          Fleas
  •          Hot Spots
  •          Infections
  •          Itching & Scratching
  •          Kidney
  •          Mange
  •          Seizures
  •          Tear Stains
  •          Tumors

“Vague claims are made about treating “oxidative stress” and “inflammation”, with the implication that “anti-oxidant” and “anti-inflammatory” agents must automatically be safe and beneficial.”

“Glowing testimonials are offered to support the wild claims made, but not a single clinical study has been done to demonstrate the truth of any of them.”

Please read the article of The Skeptvet: ‘NuVet Supplement = The Same Old Snake Oil“.


This is what the public doesn’t get to know: the breeder receives 50% commission each and every time the client orders.

What do NuVet and their distributors have to hide?

If you’re a breeder and distributor of NuVet, and you’re dissatisfied with the product, and you want to tell the world about it, your Dedicated Account Manager will ask you to read NuVet’s Independent Distributor Agreement, especially paragraph 14:

Distributor acknowledges that the Company’s business plans, customer lists, technology, products, processes and formulas involve confidential information and data of substantial value to the Company, which value would be impaired if said information and data were disclosed to third parties. Therefore, Distributor agrees that, during the term of this Agreement and after the termination here of Distributor shall keep and treat as strictly confidential, and shall not publicize, disclose or otherwise divulge or use for its own benefit or for the benefit of any third party, all proprietary rights or confidential data and information which have been or may hereafter be made available, directly or indirectly, to it by the Company.
15. (…) Upon termination of this Agreement or any reason: (a) all rights and obligations of each party under this Agreement shall immediately and automatically terminate, excepts for the rights, covenants and obligations specified in paragraphs 9. 10. 12 and 15, all of which shall survive any termination.

So this is a Hotel California situation: you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

Why would especially dilute “Labradors” benefit from NuVet Plus?

There are quite some dilute “Labrador” breeders who truly can’t believe that regular Labrador breeders don’t need to use NuVet Plus to keep their dogs healthy and itch free. They believe that hair loss and skin problems are normal in the Labrador breed. Understandably, if that is what you see in your dogs, in every litter. However, color dilution alopecia (CDA) and black hair follicular dysplasia (BHFD) can accompany coat color dilution. These diseases cause recurrent skin inflammation and drying, bacterial infections of hair follicles and severe hair loss.

I don’t know if all these dilute “Labrador” breeders really believe in the benefits of NuVet Plus. In fact, I believe that the more intelligent ones don’t, but it’s such a convenient supplement – of their income.

Which makes you think: if distributors get 50% commission – pay half the price – how much profit does NuVet make? What is the actual value of NuVet products?

Jack Vanderwyk,
October 2014

More information in Science-Based Medicine: NuVet: Pet Supplement Snake Oil, by Scott Gavura.


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