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The Myth Of The British Silver Labrador – Fallacious Reasoning Of Dilute Breeders

In the shady world of dilute breeders the myth is circulated that the “silver Labrador” originated in Great Britain, in the 1930s. A director of the “Council for Purebred Labrador Retrievers” (CPLR), the main organization of dilute breeders, proudly published … Continue reading

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LRC’s Violating Their Own Rules And Regulations?

In the Rules and Regulations of every respectable Labrador Retriever Club in the world, you will find similar objects: “The object(ive)s for which the Club are established are: (a) to promote and encourage the well-being and interests of the Labrador … Continue reading

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No To Silvers slide show on YouTube

No To Silvers slide show on YouTube. Improved version, with better pictures and better sound. Text:  I would like to draw your attention to the situation in which the future of the Labrador Retriever breed is threatened by unethical breeders and … Continue reading

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