LRC’s Violating Their Own Rules And Regulations?


In the Rules and Regulations of every respectable Labrador Retriever Club in the world, you will find similar objects: “The object(ive)s for which the Club are established are:
(a) to promote and encourage the well-being and interests of the Labrador Retriever and the breeding, improvement, and type of the Labrador Retriever as laid down by The Kennel Club Breed Standards.”

Accepting that the Kennel Clubs are registering dilutes as purebred Labradors, “silvers” as chocolates, “charcoals” as black, and “champagnes” as yellow, is a violation of these objects, a violation of the rules and regulations.

In the near future Labrador Retriever Clubs will need to explain themselves. What have they done against the dilute problem? And was it really all they could do?

Jack Vanderwyk,
November 2014



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One Response to LRC’s Violating Their Own Rules And Regulations?

  1. susan anne booth says:

    Sadly the breed clubs and the kennel club have more interest in the self promotion of individuals and making money they have lost sight of what it is all about.

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