Labrador Quiz – Find the “Lab” with the AKC pedigree

All these dogs are mixed breeds. Only one of them is an AKC registered “Labrador”. Scroll down to find the answers.


Dog #1


Dog #2


Dog #3


Dog #4


Dog #5


Dog #6

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Dog #7


Dog #8


Dog #9


Dog #10

Dog #1 = Labrador-Akita Inu mix.
Dog #2 = Labrador-Collie mix.
Dog #3 = Labrador-German Shepherd mix.
Dog #4 = Labrador-Pitbull mix.
Dog #5 = Labrador-Pointer mix.
Dog #6 = Labrador-Rhodesian Ridgeback mix.
Dog #7 = Labrador-Rotweiler mix.
Dog #8 = Labrador-Rotweiler mix.
Dog #9 = Labrador-Springer Spaniel mix.
Dog #10 = Labrador-Weimaraner mix, registered as a “chocolate Labrador Retriever” by the American Kennel Club (AKC). He is one of the more than 30,000 dilutes registered by AKC as purebred Labradors.

It seems to be a bit naive to expect a national Kennel Club to know anything about dogs. All they need to know is how to make money. After all, that’s what one expects of a Non-Profit organization.

Jack Vanderwyk,
December 2014


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One Response to Labrador Quiz – Find the “Lab” with the AKC pedigree

  1. Susananne Booth says:

    I know I have commented before on this, but on a slightly different note, its strange that its one of the two most obviously unpure Labradors registered with the AKC. A point that to me is very noticeable from a breed point view is that the most noticeable thing that comes to mind when looking at the photos of crossed Labs is he ears, how important the correct type of ear is to the correct Labrador head,
    the way its set on the size and the shape,I think is the next most important point, is the eye the set and the shape again not quite so much the colour unless of course its too yellow or blue, we just prefer the hazel or burnt sugar colour.

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