Kellogg’s Weimaraners and other “coincidences”


For many years now the people of the CPLR have been denying that the Kellogg family ever had Weimaraners. In fact they only needed one Weimaraner to breed their “pointing Labs”, but I managed to find two of them: Kellogg CD, AKC S571232, born 2 NOV 1952, and Blue Boy Kellogg, AKC SA050287, born 26 FEB 1954.


In the same Weimaraner database I found the name of another notorious breeder of dilute “Labradors”, Stillwater. I couldn’t get all of them in a screen shot.


Finally, for now, I found Dean Crist’s (Culo) business-partner Beavercreek, who were active in the Weimaraner world between 1962 and 1976.

Of course, the CPLR will try to argue that this isn’t “scientific evidence”, and even “prove” that one of the many dogs in the photos was bred for a food company, and in their defense the CPLR will keep arguing that there is no absolute proof that the breeders mentioned in this article were the same people as the dilute breeders I mentioned.
So let’s turn it around. If the Kelloggs were the “reputable” Labrador breeders the CPLR claims they are — why would they acquire dilute dogs from their own old dilute stock, and breed these dilute dogs, for the world to know?

Click here to read the article ‘Silver’ Labrador Secrets Revealed. 

Click here to view the pedigree of the dilute dog  Kellogg’s Vanadium Chip McCoy

These are only my first results. I will keep you informed.

Jack Vanderwyk,
July, 2015



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