The CPLR Breeders of Improved Genetics 2015


The “Council of Purebred Labradors” (CPLR) (I have mentioned that shady bunch here and here) are proud of their dirty little scheme called “Improved Genetics”.
“Although improved dilutes can produce quality dogs when bred to other improved dilute, further improvement is not very likely. Genetic Improvement comes by breeding in new genes to the Silver Labrador gene pool. That improvement can only come from BYC and SF Labs.”

The CPLR know like no other that it’s difficult to acquire BYC breeding material from reputable breeders, but if you succeed, you will get the title of “Breeder of Improved Genetics 2015. Plus the badge to put on your website.

The CPLR has a lot of members. From June 2012 to July 2015 they gathered 903 signatures for their petition. So I was interested to find out how many members of the CPLR managed to earn the Improved Genetics 2015 badge.

This is the Impressive List of people who earned the CPLR Improved Genetics 2015 badge:

Kristi Jenkins (Present Chairman CPLR; Von Bussler Labrador Retrievers)
Odin Harvell (Former Chairman CPLR; Lavish Labs)
Carleton Pope and Valina Pope (Former Chairman CPLR and present Director of Genetics; Starstruck Labradors)
Seth Ohms (Former CPLR Director of Research and Genetics; Phantom Labs)

Stacey Butters McKaa and Landon McKaa from Honey Hole Kennels also had a badge on their website, but since they didn’t – to my knowledge – have any position in the CPLR, and they weren’t mentioned as winners on the CPLR website, I recon that their publishing of the badge was illegal.

So, officially we have four people who were awarded the prestigious title of Breeder of Improved Genetics 2015. Almost the entire BOD of the CPLR.

What is an ethical breeder? 

If you care about genetics in general, and especially in Improved Genetics, you will make sure that your (potential) clients are able to find the pedigrees of your dogs, either on your website or with a link to a reliable pedigree database. Most dilute breeders, however, are extremely secretive when it comes to the pedigrees of their dogs. But what is it worth if you have a badge of Improved Genetics on your website, while the public can’t check how improved your breeding stock is?

CPLR Chairman Kristi Jenkins is a perfect example of how it shouldn’t be done. Look at her website, Von Bussler Labrador Retrievers, and try to find the pedigrees of her six dogs. If you can’t find any, try to Google them. I wish you luck.

Valina Pope and her husband Carleton Pope, Director of Genetics and former Chairman of the CPLR, also are extremely secretive when it comes to the pedigrees of their dogs. In fact they have always told the members of the CPLR not to publish any pedigrees of their dogs on the internet.

Odin Harvell, one of many former Chairmen of the CPLR, is equally secretive. The only exception is Seth Ohms, former Director of Research and Genetics of the CPLR, who has some pedigrees of his dogs on his Phantom Labs website. And, if you may assume that they’re not cheating, the McKaas.


No, you won’t find pedigrees like this on the websites of most dilute breeders. Dilute breeders aren’t proud of the ancestors of their dilute dogs anymore. They try to hide it as much as possible, encouraged to do so by the CPLR. Instead, they publish long lists of purebred champions on their websites, with impressive texts like “Storm is EIC, CNM, and DM clear so her puppies can never be affected by these diseases. Her sire was an excellent hunter and OFA’d Excellent. Her extended pedigree includes: FC AFC Esprit Playin’ For Keeps, FC AFC Trumarc’s Hot Pursuit, NFC FC AFC San Joaquin Honcho, NFC AFC Storm’s Riptide Star, FC AFC Rippin’ Blue Thunder, FC AFC Belle’s Star Emmy Lou, FC AFC Meadow Woods Dusty Roads, CH Rocheby Joseph’s Coat CD TD JH, CH Cedarwood Gunner O’Fawnhaven CD SH, Kelleygreens Chocolate Cherry CD, Bay Creek’s McDonald MH, FC AFC Esprit Playin’ For Keeps, and Bay Creek’s Ash Macann MH. Storm is charcoal that also carries for chocolate/silver and yellow/champagne. She also passed her CERF (eyes) exam!” 
This Storm is a perfect example of the dilute breeders’ modus operandus. Not a single dilute ancestor is mentioned. Storm’s pedigree name is DN Silver Storm of TNT, she was born 11-12-2010, her AKC registration number is SR65290604, yet OFA doesn’t know her. No records matched your request.

Conclusion: the practices of the dilute breeders in general and the people in charge of the CPLR particularly are anything but ethical.

Jack Vanderwyk,
July 2015

P.S.: I will not rule out the possibility that some people will haste themselves to put some real or fake pedigrees on their website, just to prove me “wrong” and write an article about it.


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