DUTCH kennel club bans breeding “SILVER labradors”


SCREENSHOT FROM Raadar, the online newsletter from the Dutch Kennel Club: edition march 2016; scroll down to page 11. https://www.houdenvanhonden.nl/globalassets/raadar/2016/raadar-maart-2016.pdf

After the Keeshond, the Weimaraner and the French Bulldogs, the Dutch Kennel Club and the two Dutch Labrador Clubs have signed an agreement to ban the breeding
OF non-recognized colors in Labradors . It concerns the silver color variety.
The two Dutch Labrador Clubs have indicated that the color silver Genetically does not occur in Labrador. To get the silver, other breeds musthave been crossed. This
method of breeding in order to create a desired color, it is
unaccaeptable to the Dutch Kennel Club, and the two
breed clubs (NLV and LKN).
The risk of allowing to breed non recognized
color is that one focuses on certain colors
breeding. So instead of broadening the gene pool
you are going to select individualsl on certain colors and
not on a physical beautiful and healthy dog, in which color
does not matter. For example, we look at the Labrador
“Silver” is specially found and that there bred
can become. Now, not this color is related to and Labrador
if you’re so focused on that color, you are actually doing very
combining related animals. The color is clearly
probably due to the interference by one or a few
Weimaraners. You can select this color
compare the popular sire effect, including the
offspring weather will be crossed with each other.
Ban by April 1, 2016
To this covenant is closed above reasons. Since
April 1, 2016 should therefore no longer breed with this color
be. To measure the Covenant also
effectively implement the KC’s management will check the
colors of the male and female in the forms from April 1
2016 .
This breeding ban is partly due to the Fairfok project plan,
aimed at a healthy and social pedigree dogs in theNetherlands.

Jack Vanderwyk,
MARCH, 2016



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